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Weight Loss Diets 2013 and Workout Routine 2013

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Effective Diets That Work Fast 2013

There are many theories about effective diets that work fast 2013 and how food can preserve youth and beauty. Recently gaining popularity theory detoxification Millions of people sit on the cleansing diets that work fast 2013 for women, hoping to rid the body of harmful chemicals and toxins, which, as some believe, contribute to aging.


Effective Diets That Work Fast 2013


The idea of cleansing diets is to stimulate the process of removing toxins. In theory it sounds great, but does it work? Scientists decided to test this experimentally.


Diets That Work 2013


Ten girls who love to abuse alcohol and heavy meals. They were placed in a suburban house and divided into two groups: one was fed the usual way, and the other was sitting on the cleansing diet. Previously every girl samples were collected (blood, saliva and urine) to assess the performance of the kidneys and liver, and the level of toxins in the body.


detoxifying diets 2013


There are many detoxifying diets 2013 and they promise amazing results, but none of them have so far never been scientifically tested. No scientific work did not determine effective diets that work fast 2013.

Diet for the experiment was designed on existing cleansing diets. Such diets generally recommend eating a lot of fresh juices, exclude from the alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy products and red meat.

One of the participants before the start of the experiment said, “I really want to try this diet, because I’m always very busy and too lazy to cook. So mostly I just snacking on a sandwich or something like that, but this is not a health and poor food. Therefore, I believe that a week of healthy food can help me. ”

For the second group of participants developed a rich diet that includes pasta, red meat, curry, wine, coffee, chocolate and chips.

Participant, ranked in the group says: “I was a little upset, that was not included in the group of purification, but then, as soon as I saw our menu, I thanked God that it happened.”

For the girls, who are used to eat and drink what you want, cleansing diet is not a joke. Will they be able to adhere to such a diets that work fast for women, and most importantly, whether their efforts will bring benefits – these are the questions that should answer this experiment.


Juice and Water Diet 2013


The first day of the diet called the “juice and water.” For breakfast, juice of three tomatoes, two carrots, celery root, half onion, garlic cloves and a handful of spinach. Most cleansing diets begin with the handling of the day, when you can only drink juice. It is assumed that this will increase the ability of the liver and the kidneys to eliminate toxins from the blood. Of course, the girls were not thrilled by the prospect. Meanwhile, a second group enjoys a traditional breakfast of toast with jam and tea.


Juice and Water Diet 2013


Many people believe that all the chemicals in food – toxins. Substances such as pesticides, flavor enhancers and flavor. Even chemicals that make up the tea – a mixture of butyl and amyl alcohol and caffeine, blended in small doses. We are surrounded by a lot of toxicity – this is the air we breathe and the food we eat and the water we drink. According to the theory cleansing diet, these substances accumulate and the body and contribute to aging. The human body has developed a way of getting rid of toxins. But the question is, is it enough for the modern conditions of life? Whether additional cleansing of the body at least from time to time?

To this question will help us answer the results of the experiment week. According to taking part in the experiment, the food was not very tasty, and every day more and more drawn back to the familiar food. On the other hand marked and positive effects, such as weight loss, improved health. By the end of the week, many participants noted the appearance of increased irritability and fatigue. Now it’s time to evaluate the facts and answer the above question.

After the experiment the test group was tested again, and, to everyone’s surprise, it turned out that they are virtually indistinguishable from a group, eats only plant foods and groups with a traditional diet.


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